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Restart Euro-Mediterranean is an Expo & Forum, which will take place at the IMC building, in Nicosia, Cyprus in September 2021.

Restart EuroMed Expo & Forum is a unique opportunity to physically attend an exhibition and forum with the sole purpose of gaining knowledge and practical skills on how to handle a possible second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic with the least negative effects and on how to maximise the business opportunities that have arisen due to the crisis. Both the exhibition and forum will be focused mainly on three important sectors of the EuroMed regional economies: Investments, Health, Tourism and Trade.

The event is organised in Cyprus with regional participants from South Europe, (Cyprus, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Malta), Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey) and the Balkans (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria). The core theme of the event is mainly to assist the participating countries in reaching a point of cooperation and common understanding of the needs and opportunities created by the pandemic. At the same time attempting to reach and even exceed pre - COVID - 19 financial and standard of living indices by revitalising economic activities, reaching and achieving sustainable economic growth in the region, beneficial to the common good.

Restart EuroMed aims at becoming the melting pot of ideas, procedures and conclusions for the public, professionals and governments. Building on the importance to identify the most efficient way to restart the Cyprus economy and that of the EuroMed countries thus implementing the most appropriate preventive measures to stop a second major wave of Covid – 19, governments can shield their countries from paralysing their economy and society.


The Concept 

Explore - Participate

The event will be separated into two main concepts:



First concept is the exhibition. For four consecutive days, professionals and public will have the opportunity to explore the exhibition, during which numerous exhibitors will showcase an impressive selection of goods and services. Innovative products, technology systems and services related to managing the consequences of Covid-19 and the prevention of its re-emergence. In addition to exploring available products such as medical equipment, automation systems, protective gear, disposables, sterilizers etc., the exhibition is a great opportunity for both exhibitors and future clients to liaise and establish trade, franchise or subcontracting agreements.

Another branch of exhibitors includes private and public companies, governmental and professional organisations, significant municipalities as well as associations which are dedicated to restarting the Cyprus and regional Mediterranean economy, generating economic growth and income and attracting foreign investments. Such sectors include Property Development, Services, Health and Wellness Tourism, the Film Production Industry, Commerce and Trade, Education, Energy and Shipping.

Online Exhibition. Physical Exhibitors will be offered complementary participation at the Online Exhibition which will go online simultaneously with the opening of the physical exhibition and remain live for two weeks after the its closing. 

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Entrance at the exhibition floor is free and open to the public.


Second concept is the Forum. Participating in these seminars and workshops will broaden professional and financial horizons on prime topics addressing various sectors of the economy.

Established speakers in their sector will present their experience facing the pandemic, evaluate conditions and suggest actions for the 'Day After'.

The forum will include a number of specifically-planned topics based on the main industries influencing the economy of Cyprus and of the EuroMed region. Such topics include: Economy, Investments/Banking and Finance, Education/Research and Innovation, Health, Energy, Shipping, Services, Tourism, Industry, Construction and Trade.

Online Participation will also be available for these who are not wishing or who are not able to physically attend the Forum.  

The overall goal of the forum is to focus on issues related to strategy and policy measures, identification of new prospects and cross border investment opportunities and the latest developments in the treatment of pandemics such as Covid-19.

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Participation at the seminars is at a fee, online registration is required. All admission to the seminars will be on a first come, first served basis.

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Restart EuroMed


Restart EuroMed is an Expo & Forum, which will take place at the IMC in Nicosia, Cyprus in September 2021.

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